Educating and Enlightening

Now that I've stepped away from the "workforce," I am able to give attention to Nur Speaks. Here, I channel my passion and expertise to educate and enlighten individuals and groups on the intricacies of sexual health. The journey continues as I share insights gained from my extensive background, providing a valuable resource for those eager to explore and understand this vital aspect of human well-being. Join me on this exploration of knowledge and empowerment, and let's navigate the fascinating realm of sexual health together.

My Journey

As a child, I was shy and quiet, yet I felt a burning desire to teach. To overcome this, I initially took on one-on-one sessions, engaging elementary students in reading. This paved the way for me to step into the role of a clinical instructor at CCD, where I gradually acclimated to speaking in front of small groups, eventually embracing the excitement of addressing larger audiences.