About NUR

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Greetings!  My name is Lynn.  I am the founder of Nur Jewelry.

Nur, which means “enlightened” in Arabic, is the creative culmination of art, beauty, desire, and passion.  My designs aim to be a tangible and ornamental reflection of such enlightenment.

I desire to dress women and fearless men with jewelry, scarves, hats, belts and purses to enhance their look and personal style.

One of Nur’s focuses is ornamentation.  “Accessories” have always been considered afterthoughts to an outfit.  They accent but rarely capture attention.  My designs strive to pull together an outfit, using the accessory to draw the focus from the outfit to the face.

Nur designs use simple aesthetic structures for earrings, including hammered metals with gemstones and organic materials. Necklaces are created with Asian and African influences, giving off a strong vibe for the strong-willed wearer. New, fashionable crochet pieces are also available for today’s youth.

We, at Nur, can customize to accommodate any look, whether it is classic, modern, edgy, or ethnic.  We can also tweak your personal jewelry collection to best accentuate your unique body features, haircut, and coloring.

Nur’s ultimate goal is to combine personable and friendly service with quality pro